Chris Somerville | Installation Sculpture

"Conserve" | Installation Sculpture | Summer 2011

Communicative Goal:

Initial contemplation and brainstorming on Project D created two major thematic outcomes or ideas. One, I wanted my environment for my typographic narrative to be something close to me, both emotional and geological. The second idea was that I wanted the typographic narrative to be a public service announcement or call to action for a positive cause.  I want my typographic narrative to inspire people to do something good in their own way.


Audience Response:

I want my typographic narrative to evoke an inner discourse with the intended audience. I want the narrative to create an inner dialogue or reexamination of the audiences self and their relationship within their own community, and global community.


    Gathered recycled commercial materials

    Rubber tubing

    Rain barrel


 Reasons For Inclusion:

    Demonstrate interactive sculpture background.

Main Skills Demonstrated:

    Creative conceptual thought, audience participation and reaction.