Christopher Somerville | Portfolio

Toddler Interactive Game

Design Statement: 

Advancement in pad based computing and smart phones is leading to an established or universal work flow for navigating through the data on these devices. I propose a game fotoddlers disguised as a means to expose and educate toddlers on basic interface manipulation and touch control.

Audience and Context 

The audience, as stated, is for pre-school children ages 8 24 months and will help develop their digital skills and educate them on basic file, navigation structure and problem solving.


  • To help develop new skills needed in the new digital realm.

  • MDF wood
  • Water based paint


  • Illustrator CS5.5

Reason for inclusion:

  • demonstrate design aesthetics, physical audience interaction sensitivities

Main skills demonstrated:

  • interactive game design

Visualization and Conceptualization: